Useful Info

To ensure your contracting position remains safe and secure, our compliance team is constantly reviewing legislation changes that may affect our operating procedures.

Though we’ll always strive to adapt our practices quietly & without interruption to your service, some of these regulations have a marked effect on your rights as a contractor. We’ve compiled a short list of resources below to elaborate on a few points:


  • How Did the 2016 Finance Bill affect Charteris Management? –  Click Here
  • What are your rights as an agency worker? – Click Here
  • What expenses am I able to claim? – Click Here
  • How did IR35 affect the public sector? – Click Here
  • Who is eligible to work in the UK? – Click Here
  • What is a Managed Service Company? (MSC) – Click Here


Should you have questions or concerns regarding any of the above, or if you have suggestions of additional useful documentation that you feel may be applicable to this page please do not hesitate to contact us.