Statutory Sick Pay Rules from March 24th 2022

This week, there are some key changes taking place regarding Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for employees in England.

When the pandemic was in full swing (some would argue that it hasn’t lost too much momentum even now) the Government made temporary provision within the SSP rules that stated anyone who had to take time off work due to illness or because of self-isolation laws could claim sick pay from the first day of absence. This is about to change.

On March 24th 2022 the SSP regulations are returning to pre-pandemic status. Employers have up until this date to submit any claims relating to absence up to 17th March 2022. For workers, this  means that you will only be able to claim SSP from the fourth day of absence. Ultimately this means that if you need to take time off work for COVID-19 or any other illness, you’ll be able to claim less sick pay.

A circumstantial review will be taking place on April 1st but until that time, employers are being asked to encourage people who test positive to still self-isolate and stay at home.  This means that employers in England are still strongly advised not to permit employees to attend work where it is known that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

The party set to lose the most in this situation is the individual employee. They stand to lose 3 days of SSP if they do need to take time off work due to coronavirus. But, it’s important to remember that the provision was only ever a temporary measure – the removal of it is one part of the UK Government’s plan for living with COVID-19.

If you have any concerns over your SSP rights as a Charteris Management contractor or employee please do not hesitate to contact us: or call 0161 826 6420

Amanda Brannan

Amanda Brannan

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Statutory Sick Pay Rules

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