We always aim to be tax compliant and are committed to being an ethical and responsible business.

We are committed to complying in a responsible manner with the appropriate polices and processes to ensure the integrity of our tax liabilities together with timely and accurate payments. Where available, we claim relief, exemptions and incentives in line with HMRC rules.

We do not use tax structures or engage in artificial transactions solely aimed at arriving at a contrived tax result. We do not accept any form of behaviour that facilitates the evasion of tax in the UK or elsewhere, whether carried out by an employee or business partner action for us or on our behalf.

We don not use tax rulings relating to harmful preferential tax regimes. On the other hand, we look to benefit from tax incentives that require a robust economic substance in order to be granted and which is consistent with our business.

Our Values

Fairness                              To display fairness and correctness in all tax matters

Legality                               To comply with all tax regulations and obligations in force at the time

Transparency                     To ensure full transparency through our supply chain

Evasion                               We avoid arrangements aimed to ensure a tax outcome which is not based on sound and legal business grounds and which leads to an abusive result.

Relationship with Tax authority 

We adopt an open, professional and transparent relationship with HMRC. Furthermore, we support a constructive and knowledgeable dialogue with all relevant tax authorities.