Refer a friend or colleague

We all have wonderful co-workers who get us through those tough, stressful days. Work Husbands, Work Wives and Work BFFs come in all shapes and sizes, and we feel they all deserve consistent support and great service from their payroll company. So, why not refer them over to us, we’ll guarantee quick application, the best service in the industry and (as you know) they’ll have access to CM’s wonderful support team whenever they should need us.

We’re happy to send you a £50 gift card for every successful referral that you provide – just think, a couple of referrals could get you that fancy knife block for your kitchen guilt free, or you may even be able to upgrade from 4 to 5 star hotel for your other half’s birthday weekend away!

You’ve got nothing to lose, just complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you and your colleague in no time! All we ask is that you get their permission to pass along their contact info before you submit their details.

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