Our Services

Let’s cut to the chase, we exist to ensure you get paid – on the surface it’s that simple, which is why we have a standard fee arrangement that will not deviate once you’re enrolled.

£ 27 per week

if you're paid weekly

£ 100 per month

if you're paid monthly

There are no joining or leaving fees, and if you take a break from contracting your payments will be placed on hold.

The above fees guarantee that we’ll be able to process your payroll accurately and on time, but they also go towards:

  • Personal service from a dedicated account manager.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Unquestionable compliance
  • GDPR standard data protection of your personal info.
  • Your own personal online portal available on any
    device at any time.
  • Access to referral incentives.
  • Exclusive offers available through CM affiliate
  • Tax advice where necessary.

Your Take Home Pay

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Pay Frequency: WeeklyMonthly
Units: HourlyDaily

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