What if I want to get a mortgage?

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We are not mortgage brokers nor advisors, but we do know that it is not as easy for a contractor to obtain a mortgage as it is for someone in permanent employment.

Many high street lenders or brokers can struggle with contractors, and with the current climate the requirements are always changing. If you wish for us to put you in touch with a broker, just let us know.

It is very common to be asked for 3 to 12 months’ payslips along with bank statements to see what your annual salary is in order to calculate the amount available to borrow. Some may ask to see P60s from the last 2 tax years.  You can provide your contract of employment with ourselves plus any assignment schedules from your agencies, and we are happy to write a letter confirming how long you have worked with us and details of your current assignment if it would help you.

Feel free to call our contractor care team if you have any questions.


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