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On your Eezytime portal (https://www.eezytime.co.uk/meritportal) you will be able to access your payslips. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for these to appear on your portal, usually after we do the daily update.

Your payslip will look like the image below:

The top line shows the date that your payment was processed – Every payslip will show the ‘week ending’ date, referring to the Sunday of the week you are paid.

The next line on the right show the week endings that you have been paid for; there can be multiple lines here.

‘Company Receipts’ is the breakdown of your contractual rate; this is based on National Minimum Wage plus commission.

‘Company Deductions’

  • ‘HMRC Payment NIERS‘ – Employers National Insurance calculation. Whether you work through an agency or an Umbrella both parties will always claw back the amount of Employer’s N.I. by way of additional fees so that they are not out of pocket. Whichever way you choose to work; your own limited company, umbrella company service or through an agency you will have to pay both Employee’s NI and Employer’s NI, one way or another.
  • ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ – This is a small tax charge paid to HMRC alongside income tax and National Insurance. This was introduced in April 2017 and is designed to fund apprenticeship schemes. We are legally obliged to make the deduction as this affects all large businesses in the UK.
  • ‘Pension’ – We are obligated to automatically enroll you into a pension scheme – this is deferred for 3 months and you will be notified throughout the process by our payroll team. If you decided to Opt-In to the pension the calculation will show on your payslip.

‘Employee Payments’

  • ‘Basic Pay’ – the total amount received from your agency minus our fee and any deductions in the ‘Company Deductions’ box and your Holiday Pay calculation.
  • ‘Holiday Pay’ –  Our standard process is to advance all holiday pay accrued to ensure you receive your holiday pay in full in line with our contract of employment with you.

‘Employee Deductions’

  • ‘Tax’ is the income tax calculated based upon your tax code
  • ‘National Insurance’ is the amount calculated to pay as an employee
  • ‘AE Pensions’ is your contribution to the NEST pension scheme if you have not opted out.
  • ‘Payment Status’  shows you what your tax code is. If you are not sure what this means please contact us or you can go to the HMRC website: https://www.gov.uk/tax-codes
  • ‘Net Pay’ is the amount that you will see in your bank account.


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