How can I monitor my payments?


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If you wish to monitor your payments that we receive from your agency you can also do this using the portal link with your email address and password that you have set.

Your agency may ask for us to send them an invoice; if so, please follow the instructions on How to Raise a Timesheet on the Portal.

If your agency is self-billing (meaning that you don’t have to raise any time on our portal), they send us a remittance notice showing the week ending date and days or hours/ expenses paid. We then create an invoice on your portal which you will also be able to see.  We receive remittances all through the week, and if you know what day you usually get paid, you will be able to check this on your portal from most devices.

If it shows as ‘Sent to Agency‘, this means that our Allocations Team have not yet come across your funds as they work through the bank statement. Don’t panic though! They work all through the day processing payments as they clear in our account, so keep checking.

Once payment is received it will show as ‘Receipted‘, indicating that funds have been processed and will be with you by close of business that day. If it shows as sent to the agency, we have yet to receive funds for that invoice.

Basically, you can see what we can see, so if the Allocations team processes the money to your invoice, you will see this in real-time, as do we. If you don’t see anything showing as receipted at around 1 pm, feel free to call us to check-in.


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