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Yes we do. If you can send us an email from the payroll/accounts department as detailed below, this will be passed to our accounts manager for approval. This will be approved if funds are available as there is a limit (there may be a rare occasion when our advance book is at its limit and we are unable to grant the request until funds are recuperated but we will advise you of this as soon as we can).


Contractors name:

Weekending Date:


Advanced Amount: £

When the funds will be returned:

As I’m sure you are aware, we have a limited reserve available for advance payments, so when we approve an advance but have to wait a week to recuperate the funds, this does affect our ability to approve and process other advance requests.

We are sure you can appreciate the position we have had to take in the current climate and respect the fact that we usually pay upon receipt of funds and will assist us with this where possible.

If you can confirm that you will be making a faster payment to cover this advance, we will send it to our accounts manager for approval.

Please note that it is our policy to not make an advance payment to a newstarter for their first payment, and we have a limit of 3 advances in a 3 month period.


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