Is Contracting the way Forward?

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As the workforce heads back after months of lockdown, there is a high possibility that very little will be the same as before, including the way in which employers decide to recruit.

As employers begin to rebuild their business in the current economic situation, taking on a permanent member of staff may be too high of a commitment. They may, therefore consider the possibility of temporary workers. Going down this route eliminates the costs associated with permanent staff; reduces the administration of payroll and the adds the benefit of having highly skilled workers without the need for a permanent contract. Additionally, as contractors usually work within a predetermined assignment duration, there is no obligation to extend this should your business circumstances change.

Contracting also has many benefits, if you choose follow this path personally. You can choose the assignments and projects that appeal most to you. Also, in these unpredictable times, you can increase your experience and prospects within different sectors of industry, and build a diverse professional network. Flexibility allows you to reduce the possibility of “itchy feet”.

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