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In line with national guidance and to prepare for the impact of the pandemic, hospitals instigated emergency procedures closing their doors to any planned non-urgent and routine procedures, thus enabling the workforce to have the capacity to focus on providing urgent care to the critically ill and allowing unnecessary contact to stop the spread of the Covid-19. 

As we pass the first peak of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions start to ease, routine and non-emergency procedures will be rescheduled.  What does that mean for the recruitment of Healthcare workers?

During the pandemic, many agency workers were furloughed or had their contracts temporarily suspended. Staffing requirements were reduced due to the decline of routine and non-emergency services.

With ‘normal service’ resuming, there is set to be an influx in demand for medical workers. As lockdown eases and people begin to socialise, many will also have the confidence to return to hospitals as they feel more comfortable with the decline in Covid-19. However, there will be a backlog of patients needing care. Non-Emergency operations and consultations will return to regular pace, but will also face a waitlist compounded over the past 3 months. We predict that there will be a huge initial demand for medical professionals… Ideal opportunity for agency workers.

If you decide that contracting may be a viable option for you, we’d be delighted to help you start your journey. We are built specifically for healthcare professionals and have a great understanding of our audience & industry.

It’s a fast-paced, high pressured environment, which is why we’ve tailored our service to be as efficient and non-intrusive as possible. Our application is quick, our fees are competitive and we’re always here to provide expert advice and support should you need it.


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