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The success of Charteris Management is directly linked to strong, trusted relationships with reputable recruitment agencies.

Here To Help Agencies

We want to work together with you to ensure smooth setup for the candidate. Our contracts team have refined our compliance pack over the years to ensure that you receive everything you need in one pack so that a contract can be drawn up quickly.

If you need further information from us, just ask and the team will be happy to help.

Contracts will be read, checked and sent to the contractor promptly for their approval.

Why Agencies Choose Us?

We have dedicated allocations and payroll teams to deal with your remittances and process payments every day of the week, so upon receipt of funds from you we guarantee the contractor will be paid by faster payment

As an agency you can have the confidence of:

  • Full insurance cover for your contractors
  • All checks to confirm eligibility to work and proof of ID carried out
  • Full compliance with HMRC including IR35, AWR and T&S legislations
  • Contract management and set up
  • Full support for your client through this and any other process
  • Regular communication with our team, ready to resolve any issues quickly
  • GDPR trained to handle sensitive client data
  • Fully versed in Anti Money Laundering practices

We work in an ever-flowing environment, legislation evolves constantly, and to protect our contractors – so must we.

Our compliance team monitors changes in regulations diligently and works closely with our legal advisors to ensure that our operating procedures are fully compliant with current legislation.


We Provide A Full Umbrella Service to The Contractor

Contractors will have 24/7 access to their own portal from any compatible device. There they can access contract details, upload timesheets and monitor the status of pending payment in real time.

Our goal is to develop successful, happy working relationships with agencies, ensuring both parties are able to support each other for the benefit of the contractor.

Reduce Administration

We want to work with you to ensure smooth setup. Our contracts team will
send you everything that you need in one formatted PDF pack so that a contract can be drawn up quickly.

Fast Reliable Payroll

We process payments every day and guarantee that upon receipt of funds the contractors will receive a same day payment. Advance payments can also be made when needed, just contact our team.


We understand that agencies are under pressure to comply with audits and we wish to assist with this. For every request we receive we endeavour to return the required information to you within 48 hours.

Why Choose Charteris?

The reasons why over 1000 contractors use our services every week. 

Same Day Payments

 Upon receipt of funds we process payment using FPS and the contractor can monitor payment status in real time online

Unwavering Compliance

Our team work hard to keep up with all changes to legislation and provide you with the information that you need

Quick Application

Our sign up process is through a secure online portal in order to make things as quick and easy as possible

Comprehensive Insurance

Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity which is reviewed and renewed annually with Hiscox to ensure that the correct level of cover is in place

24/7 Portal Access

Our contractors can access contract information, submit timesheets and monitor payment status real time directly from most devices anytime, anywhere.

Pension Plan

Contractors will be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension as with any employer. We have used the NEST scheme since April 2017

Trusted Supplier

We work with an extensive range
of agencies, having developed relationships over the years. We’re a supplier you can trust

Dedicated Team

Our team are there when you need them. You can ask for a call back anytime when it suits you and we will do our best to help

10 Years' Experience

Our team have a wide range of experience and knowledge with our reputation based on the quality of service to all clients

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Request Your Compliance Pack

Our compliance have refined our compliance pack over the years, to ensure that you receive every possible detail required in one document to facilitate as a quick setup as possible.

Our policy is to expedite contracts received to the individual for their approval quickly, prompting swift turnaround & reducing administrative time for all involved.

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