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We are your hassle-free, comprehensive umbrella company, offering nationwide service to all sectors & industries in the UK.
We guarantee our employees peace of mind and security. Let us make your contracting life easier.
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Charteris Management Ltd has chosen Roots Mortgages as its partner to provide specialist contractors, umbrella workers, freelancers, limited company directors, and independent professionals mortgages.

Also, when you join up you have full access to our totally free comprehensive employee perks platform CM Perks.

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Charteris Management was established to provide the absolute best Umbrella Company services to contractors working in all sectors & industries – with special emphasis on health and social care.

We understand our client base – contracting can be fast-paced, high pressured and time-consuming, that’s why we guarantee a hassle-free, efficient and reliable service. The last thing you need is payroll concerns on top of your contractual duties.

So, let us provide you a hassle-free service. We’ll keep it simple. We provide you with real-time visibility of your payment status on your personal Online Portal, allowing you to check anytime and from anywhere.

At Charteris Management we have no hidden costs, no joining or leaving fees. If you do not submit an invoice, we won’t charge you a thing. We aim to offer you the highest level of customer service, faster payments, and any assistance you require so that you can concentrate on what you do best; take care of others.



Discover how we can help you as a contractor. We will remove the hassle of administration while guaranteeing you faster payments and peace of mind knowing your tax and NI is paid for you.


Discover how we can help your recruitment agency. We provide hassle-free employment services for your contractors, offering a high level of insurance coverage, total cooperation with your audits and working together to make our mutual contractors happy.

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Why Choose Charteris Management?

We guarantee our employees efficient processing, peace of mind, absolute compliance, and complete security.
We support over 1000+ contractors on a weekly basis. 

Same-Day Payments


We guarantee faster payments directly to your bank account. You can stay up to date, and monitor these payments through your own Online Portal 24/7.

Unwavering Compliance


Our highly skilled team work hard to keep up to date with all changes to Government legislation, Employment and Tax laws to ensure things are done correctly.

Quick Applications


You can register anytime – our Online Portal is accessible on most devices. We aim to make umbrella employment as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.



You can rest assured that we have you covered with a high level of Employers Liability, Employees Indemnity, and Public Liability Insurances.

24/7 portal access


Submit your timesheets, check your contract details & monitor your payment status in real time directly from your device anywhere, anytime.

pension plan


As an employee, you will be entered into an auto-enrolment pension plan to guarantee you have everything that you need when you come to your retirement.

Trusted Supplier


We work with an extensive range of recruitment agencies in all sectors & industries and are proud to say that we have trusted relationships reinforced by years of great service.

10 years' experience


Our Umbrella Company Contractor Care Team will be there to guide you through all your queries. You can ask for a callback from a representative whenever suits your schedule best.

10 years' experience


Our highly skilled team has a wealth of experience & knowledge within the contracting industry, and a reputation based on the quality of service to both contractors and agencies.

Interested in Referring a Colleague?

We’re happy to send you a £50 gift card for every successful referral that you provide – just think, a couple of referrals could get you that fancy knife block for your kitchen guilt-free, or you may even be able to upgrade from 4 to 5-star hotel for your other half’s birthday weekend away!

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